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9 - 13.04.2018


This seminar was attended by students from all partner schools, teachers and guests in the local community. The event was also attended by a representative of the local authority, the chariman of the educational board is Emanuel Ksiazkiewicz from the Socialdemocrates.

Impressions of the Turkish student after the exchange of students in SWEDEN

My name is SUDE LEVENT. I am a 9th grade  student in Velimeşe Multi-Programme Anatolian High School. In April 2018, I participated in the TeAchnology in Education Project in our school and it was the most exciting thing that I have done in my life. We  went to Sweden with our project team and participated in many activities in Tumba Gymnasium. It was my first time abroad and I was really excited and amazed throughout the whole project. I learned a lot about many different cultures , I met a lot of amazing people from Portugal, İtaly, Sweden, Romania etc. I learned many interesting things about 3d Technologies and even learned that they can print 3D skulls from the bones they found and reshape the man and woman !!!!  We saw  one of the sculptures from Viking times in a museum. It was really exciting. Stockholm was very big and it had many people all over the world.  I realized that everybody was speaking English very well and it was a must so that you can communicate easily with everyone from different countries. This project contributed to me and my school life a lot and I am looking forward to join to others as soon as possible. 

My name is AYŞENUR KÜFREVİ. I am a 10th grade student. I participated in Stockholm exchange and it was an incredible time for me. I was really curious about Northern countries and when we landed in my heart was beating so hard with excitement. The city was so beautiful , the school was so big and very clean. It had many different departments in it. Even a technology center !!! We went to workshops there about 3D techniques and learned about how 3d materials are creating, etc. Our Swedish hosts vere very friendly and helpful. She introduced us to many people from all over the countries. I was very shy at first and hesitated to speak because I wasn’t very good at speaking but then at the last they we were even making jokes J The lessons we participated was really interesting and  a little different from our schools. There were international classes because the school had many international students. So English was very important. Working with many different people was amazing. I felt so lucky that I was in the project and promised to myself to join more and more projects in the future.
Impressions of Turkish teacher after the exchange of students in SWEDEN

My Name is GÜLER ÇETİN from Velimeşe Multi-programme Anatolian High School and I am one of the teachers participated in the TeAchnology in Education Project. I couldn’t take part in each exchange but the one I had the opportunity was the Swedish exchange. It was very well organized and the hosting school was nice and helpful during the five day we were there. All the teachers I met from all the participant countries were really amazing. I feel incredibly lucky to have met them all and we worked really hard and very collaboratively together. I was not really experienced in project work but learned a lot from each one of you about the subject of the project and also about teaching methodologies and teacher-student communication also. It was a pleasure to spend time and learn with you all. Thank you and hope to meet again in new projects!

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13 – 17.11.2017

Thank you so much, Erasmus+ !
During the month of November 2017 I had the amazing chance to spend one week at "Ettore Majorana", a high school from Catania, Italy. It did happen due to an exchange program between this Italian education unit, and "Maria Rosetti" School, from Bucharest, Romania. Mainly, it was definitely about studying... For me it was an absolutely unique experience useful and attractive. 
The flight to Italy was actually my first trip abroad without my parents. Going there I had the opportunity to meet students from Italy, Portugal, Norway and Sweden and to make a lot of friends. We had a lot to discuss: about their learning system, in details, about their hobbies, about their plans for the future, about what is their opinion about jobs and others. That was in terms of the education level, the equipment, the daily schedule and, moreover, about the curriculum. One other important thing is that I definitely improved my communication skills in a foreign language. In this way, I was able to generally compare the Romanian schools with theirs, the concerns of other students, their way of thinking and their ideals.
It seems that this story, "Ettore Majorana", by Erasmus, had happened very fast. I feel that I have to “breath” the next chapter... It could be anytime soon, and anywhere...
For sure it was the most valuable experience of my life... a magic gift box that was hiding a mix of enjoyment and academic skills!
Alexia Angelescu
8B class of School Maria Rosetti, Bucharest

Best regards to all my friends in the project!
My name is Alexia Ioana Gherasim and I had the great opportunity to participate in the ERASMUS TEaCHNOLOGY- project. Me and 3 friends of mine from Maria Rosetti school, went to Liceo Scientifico Statale Ettore Majorana Catania, Italy for one week. There we went to different high schools to learn about how other countries are preparing their youth for the adult life they are going to begin.
In the first day of the project, in the main high school we noticed that some of the students remarked that a few new people are in their high school and because we were dressed in our national clothes, we got the most attention from them. Beside that, in the following days we spent some time during classes and they got used to our presents there and I became friends with almost all students in the classes I were in. There I met 2 romanian girls , with whom I still speak throw internet.
In the last day in Italy I realized just how friendly they were and how they just accepted us there, how some of them took from their time and spent it to show us some parts of their high school, even if we were the little ones there.
I’m very glad that I was there, that I learned some things about the world that I live in and about the people around it and how to speak to people without any issue about it.
Ioana Alexia Gherasim
8B class of School Maria Rosetti, Bucharest

The chance to participate in the Erasmus + project!
This year we had the chance to participate in the Erasmus + Teachnology project in our school.
Together with three other 8th grade colleagues, we represented Romania and our school in this project in Italy where there was a certain amount of mobility. In addition to the activities we did at school in the project, we were looking forward to the shift in the experience that was to take place in the month of November.
Long before I had begun to prepare myself. I am going to travel to a foreign country without parents, to share impressions and experiences with other European school pupils, to speak in English and to familiarize myself with another public education system. All these thoughts created my emotions and impatience.
In November, together with my accompanying teachers and colleagues, I worked for one week in Scordia, Sicily at the Lieveo Scientifico Statale "Ettore Majorana", with students and teachers from the other five countries participating in the project.
Once there, I was entrusted to a 10th grade student who led me to visit high school, helped me to familiarize myself with workspaces, labs, canteens, sports halls and participated with her at the program classes.
But the greatest impact on me was given by hours in accordance with the specifics of the project of initiation, design in film and 3D printing techniques made by Mr. Italian professor Salvatore di Stefano. I worked intensively (daily and over several hours) on my computer using 3 D design software. It was hard, but at the end, with VR glasses, I visualized what I worked in 3D with a memorable experience (teachers and pupils) in aid, cooperation and communication. We shared our little daily achievements, but also the little frustrations when something did not go as we would have wanted.
Another special and unique aspect was the attendance at the Italian students' classes. We have noticed that course classes are very similar to our classes, with the difference that they have more teaching materials. The classes were equipped with interactive boards and projectors, the teachers had electronic catalogs, but also a classroom agenda where, at the end of each course, the subject was taught, the lesson taught and the homework. I liked the most at latin time where I understood what was taught, the words I used and so I was able to participate with answers, to the amazement of the teacher and the students.
Italian students warmly welcomed me and were amazed at the fact that we could understand a lot of what they were talking about and how we readily grasped the Italian language so that at the end of the mobility week I could easily communicate simple sentences. They asked me a lot of questions about my school and my life as a student in Romania. I've tied friends with two 9th-grade students I talk to frequently with WhatsApp and Facebook.
Ana Dachin  
8C class of School Maria Rosetti, Bucharest

Erasmus+ "Sicilian" experience
Erasmus+ "Sicilian" experience was complemented by cohabitation for one week with my colleagues and teachers. It was the opportunity to meet me in new context, the teachers with whom I shared impressions, I counseled, but also with my colleagues, whom I very much approached and with whom I closely tied my friends. It was by far the most exciting and profound my schooling and living experience so far. I had the chance to meet people and new places, to test my ability to adapt to things, people and new foods, to really appreciate the world around me. Beyond that, I discovered a country and a people outside the books and tourist guides.
Erasmus has opened a new horizon of knowledge and understanding. Thanks to my teachers.
Catalina Stanciu
8C class of  School Maria Rosetti, Bucharest

Impressions of a Turkish student after the exchange of students in Italy
I joined the Italy exchange in November 2017 and it was my first time away from my family and friends. We got on the plane , I was very nervous and at the same time very very excited that I was going to Italy because it was my dream!!! Italian students and teachers were really friendly and helpful. They organized a perfect exchange and I had a perfect week there. We watched many different videos about 3D Technologies. I didn’t know much about 3D  before and the exchange and activities really broaden my horizon. After coming back home I did more search about what I learned that and now I can even create 3D videos myself with the help of internet based programmes J I had may friends from different countries and we are still in touch with them. In social media we follow each other , we communicate and continue to improve our English and the knowledge about each other’s culture. I am really happy that I participated in such a project. It is a perfect experience for a high school student. NESLİHAN EYİL